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The current season witness an intense struggle for the gold medals of the Premier League.

Do you like football and want to always get only the verified information? Now, it has become even easier, because it is enough to go to the site of sports statistics. It has a special section of football today, which contains only the latest information from various parts of the world.

Among the national championships, the English Premier League is considered to be the strongest, so it is given special attention here. Most often this is expressed in additional statistical information about matches of the Premier League, as well as the opportunity to follow the events online.

The current season witness an intense struggle for the gold medals of the Premier League. The main contenders for them are Liverpool and Manchester City, which in less than 10 rounds before the end retain approximately equal chances for the final triumph. Thanks to football todays section, you can follow the development of events and will not miss anything of real importance not only on this fight, but also on other news of the English Championship.

Premier league standings on our site

One of the most interesting fights is the one for the 4th place in the standings, which gives the opportunity to qualify for the next season’s Champions League. Before the decisive stage of the season, the main contenders for it are:

  • Manchester United;
  • Arsenal;
  • Chelsea.

Tottenham is firmly occupied the third place of the Premier League standings.

Despite the fact that Pochettino’s team has not made transfers for more than a year, it has enough safety margins to feel comfortable and even fight for gold medals. A distinctive feature of the Spurs of the beginning of 2019 were the goals scored during the final minutes, thanks to which the club managed to get some of the most important points and secure a comfortable lead from the 4th position.

Now, Tottenham will have to start their way to the playoffs of the Champions League, where the team does not have the right to make a mistake. However, an experienced coach has repeatedly proved that the players under his command are fully capable of progressing and demonstrating a bright and attacking game. There is no doubt that with the return of Kane, the Spursattacks will become even more diverse and productive.

Thanks to the Premier Leagues standings, you will not miss anything from the world of your favorite championship.




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