Tom Mitchell

14th September 2017

To be the best…

Is it possible for a player to be 'world class' at Spurs? Tom Mitchell argues against the notion that this title is only reserved for those at the elite clubs.

10th May 2013

A United Front

More than anything else, I will remember the 2012/13 season for the biggest divide amongst supporters of Tottenham Hotspur I can recall in all my 25+ years of following the club. Whilst a large proportion of the fanbase have been won over by AVB’s passion and modern thinking, despite a sceptical start, there is still a prominent voice of resentment towards him following the removal of Harry Redknapp. Perhaps though Tottenham fans have always been this divided, and the growing influence of social media and online discussion serves only highlight this division in a way that wasn’t possible before. Personally... Read more »